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A typical European wasp worker is about 1.75mm long, and is short and blocky. All European wasps are yellow and black or white and black. Paper wasps are 2mm long, and more slender. Paper wasps may be distinguished from European wasps by their long legs and by their colour. They usually red and yellow, or mostly yellow with small areas of black. Identification is important, as the two wasps have different nesting habits.

Big Thank You To Larry At Total Control
Manfred Wolfram
5/5 stars
I had an issue with bee's coming in through the light fixtures in my bathroom. I called Larry and since he's local he came shortly after. Larry dealt with the problem quickly and professionally and was very knowledgable and informative. Larry also guarantees his work and will handle the problem should it arise again, however I don't think that will be necessary as its been months and I haven't seen a single bee since. Big thank you to Larry at Total Control.